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How to get started

  • Load your device app store
  • Arrow to the Videos section
  • Look for the Viaway application
  • Select the application, and select Download Now


Set your language preferences with the Startup Wizard

When you first launch your Viaway, the Startup Wizard will ask you for your language preferences. But still, you can change your settings again any time later and switch how often as you want.

Navigation Language

First you will be asked which is your preferred Navigation Language. Choose one of the many languages Viaway offers to you. It will recognize in which country you are. According to those pre-settings, Viaway will lead you through the first part of the Startup Wizard.

Media Language

Next step, after you confirmed your Navigation Language, you can choose your Media Language. When your browse, programs in your preferred media language will be selected. If no media is available, programs in English will be selected by default. You can always change in Preferences under Media Language.

Informational Message

When your application starts on your device it might display an informational message from Viaway. The message is there to communicate important news and alerts from Viaway and offer you new services.

What can I do now?

Once you launched Viaway, you will be on the Home Screen. From here, you can start experiencing Viaway.
Learn more about What is the difference between Viaway Basic and paid Viaway services.


On the bottom of the screen you can find navigation buttons which are related to your remote control. On the right, a Preview Window will be opening.

Which version of the device software do I need to have?

To make sure you get the best quality and avoid freezing of the videos, make sure you have the latest software upgrade on your device.

On your device

You can install the latest upgrade here, right from your device:

  • Start your device
  • Scroll to Settings
  • Go to Support: Software Upgrade

On the device website

Upgrade via internet does not always work. In this case you need to verify that you have the latest firmware.

Example For the new Samsung Blu-ray Player I bought, I need to go here.

Do all the device versions support everything?

Some of the devices cannot playback special type of media entertainment at this point. But we are always working on it.
Following versions do not support Internet Radio: C5500 and C6500

Why does it sometimes look like everything freezes?

It actually does not freeze, even if it looks like it. Device takes too much time to load some of the videos. But we are currently working on that issue, and it will be resolved soon.

What happens if I interrupt a playback?

When you started playing your media entertainment, and wish to stop in the middle by turning off your device, next time you launch Viaway or each one of the media entertainment you started a playback, you will be asked if you wish to keep playing from the point you stopped, or again from the beginning.


Why are little check marks or arrows on some of the items?

On some of the media entertainment you will see a little icon on the lower left corner. There is 3 different types.

Green Check Mark

Green Check Mark means you already played that item COMPLETELY

Green Play

Green Play means you are currently playing that item

Yellow Play

Yellow Play means you started the playback, but did not complete
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