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In order to activate a device, you need to subscribe to Viaway Service. Please learn about devices supported on Viaway.

Which devices can be activated?

Please learn about devices supported on Viaway.
  • Smart and Internet Connected TVs
  • Smart and Internet Connected Blu-ray Players
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Any Internet Enabled Devices

  • Apple Devices
    All Apple devices

  • Kindles/Nooks and other personal reading devices

  • Android® Phones
    All Android smartphones

  • Android® Tablets
    All Android tablets

  • Windows Phones

How many devices can I activate?

You can activate up to 6 devices of your choice for each subscription.

How can I activate my device?

On your device, launch VIAWAY. On the navigation page, you will only be able to use Queue, Search, Favorites, History and Downloads (for phones and tablets only) if you subscribe to Viaway Service. Go and click on one of them. A window named Account Sign In Required will pop up. It will provide you with an activation Code. Now go to VIAWAY.com/Activate, or just go to your account (which is shown as your email address on the top of the site) and click on Device. Insert the name of your device and the activation code which was listed on your TV, and click on Activate.


Activate my Android/Kindle/Nook/Apple

You can Activate your Android right from there with easy and fast steps.

Where do I need to sign in?

According to the picture above, you need to go to Viaway and sign in to your Viaway with your email and password. You do not need to sign in on your device.


Where do I need to enter the Activation Code?

  • After you signed in, you can go to your account (your email address on top of the page). Simply click on Add Device. Learn more what you can do with your Viaway Account.
  • You can also activate here.

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